• Daniel Witt
    Daniel Witt President
  • Erika Lindeman
    Erika Lindeman Business Development Director
  • David Chen
    David Chen Lab Director
  • Eve Priestly
    Eve Priestly Controller
  • Luke Khoury
    Luke Khoury Senior Scientist
  • Ivy Compagno
    Ivy Compagno Laboratory Supervisor
  • Angelica Shubbie
    Angelica Shubbie Quality Systems Coordinator
  • Isabella Sellers
    Isabella Sellers Lab Analyst
  • Gabriel Castro
    Gabriel Castro Lab Technician II
  • Joseph Quintero
    Joseph Quintero Lab Technician II
  • Will Dagnino
    Will Dagnino Lab Technician I
  • Mireya Olivares
    Mireya Olivares Lab Technician I
  • Ron Dudash
    Ron Dudash Lab Technician I
  • Bridget Albaugh
    Bridget Albaugh Brand Ambassador
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